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60 Garner Nord

Warm welcome

Here I hope that both you as a beginner and advanced knitter can find inspiration. At 60 Garner Nord you have the opportunity to buy yarn for both hand knitting and hand machine knitting.

Here you will find a carefully selected assortment of yarns, exclusive garments and fine handicrafts.

We have everything for a cozy knitting session

A warm welcome to the store

A creative Oasis in the historic Spinneriet in Lindome.

You are warmly welcome to visit our well-stocked store in Spinneriet Lindome just south of Gothenburg. Here you can pat the yarns, look for patterns or try on fantastic linen clothes. Sustainable and slow fashion apply here. In order to get top quality, it's about both people and animals having a good time at all stages of production. These are the products we want to offer you. 

Spinnmästarevägen 2
437 34 Lindome 

Wednesday - Sunday. 11 - 16

Usual opening hours
Thursday Sunday
11.00 - 16.00

Burgundy / Claret - Soft Silk Mohair
Cozy shop and friendly staff. Must visit!

Henrietta Winell

Wonderful store! Very knowledgeable and nice owner of the store. Here are the most amazing yarns!

Pia Mooij

The store that seems too good to be true but is real. Very good webshop and fast delivery.

Maria Hanson

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