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Purchase & Return

Yes. That service is available from Klarna, which we use

You have the legal right to return your goods within two weeks. The right of withdrawal applies to all goods except (below). When returning, please email so we know what you are dissatisfied with. The customer himself is responsible for return shipping costs. If I sell a service, the cooling-off period starts the day after the contract is concluded.

If I sell an item, the cooling-off period begins the day after the consumer receives the item.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to all types of purchases. It does not apply, for example, to anyone who buys a trip or a specially manufactured product, loose newspapers or magazines.

It is the consumer who will be responsible for the return shipping if the consumer regrets his purchase, provided that you have informed him of this before the purchase. If, on the other hand, there is a fault with the product (a complaint), I will be responsible for the return shipping When returning: Email toanna@60garnernord.seand write what is wrong with the item.

Yarn & Knitting

Write in the message on your order what you want, even if you can imagine another color bath if the yarn with your color bath is not included.


We want to help as much as possible but cannot possibly have time to help everyone when we are working in store or packing orders. Below are some good tips:

The quickest way to get help with knitting is to watch all the help videos available on YouTube. PetiteKnit and Knitting for Olive have made many instructional videos for their patterns.

You can also join the nice knitting groups available on Facebook where you can quickly get your question answered. 

At you can also see if your pattern has been updated or find answers to other questions.

You can also always contact the designer directly and ask your questions.

We get questions about thousands of patterns and, as I said, we'd love to help, but we don't always have time to familiarize ourselves with your particular pattern.

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Spinnerie Lindome

Warm welcome!

You are warmly welcome to visit our well-stocked store in Spinneriet Lindome just south of Gothenburg. Here you can pat the yarns, look for patterns or try on fantastic linen clothes. 

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