Beautiful things

Living room

Here I collect things that cannot be resisted. Products where hand and heart have been created with great craftsmanship and with an artistic execution. Also yarn magazine, sheepskin and other lovely things that look great in the living room or that have that little something extra!

Shadow Whisky
Re-pris920 kr
Heaven - Lore
Heaven - Lore
Re-pris240 kr
Calm - Lore
Calm - Lore
Re-pris240 kr
Stork scissors Gold
Re-pris149 kr


The shaved sheep

"These little ones that I constantly knead, all year round. The burning of the sheep takes place outdoors, so I do this work during the warm months of the year. All the sheep are made by hand by me, I don't use a ready-made mold. Bringing out a personal expression on the sheep is important, with a finished shape it would be a completely different product. Everyone is different in appearance, so the sheep in the pictures are the only ones that look like that, they are all very similar, but different!”

The weaving mill

Cooler bags

The weaving factory started with a couple of looms and a thousand ideas. The love of wool led us to manufacture environmentally friendly cooler bags that are insulated with Swedish wool. They are available in several models – which one is right for you?